Digital Gathering Toolkit

Whether I'm with a client or working in my office, I love having every tool I need at my fingertips to conduct a thorough digital gathering session as efficiently as possible. Order your kit today I'll email you a code for one free digital poster of your choice from my Etsy shop.


Each kit comes in a nice gadget bag about 11" x 9" x 4" and includes these cables, adapters, accessories, and equipment along with a laminated cheat sheet about all the tools and best practices to remember as you tackle each project. Each cable is custom-labeled for easy identification and use.

Name Common Use
USB Mini Many external hard drives and digital cameras
USB Micro Android devices and many other small gadgets
USB Mini 4-pin Some small digital cameras
USB-C to USB3 Adapter Connecting USB devices to newer computers
USB-C to USB Newest Apple iPad Pros
Apple Lightning Newer Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, and iPods
Apple 30-pin Older Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, and iPods
Multi-Card Reader Reading almost any memory card format from digital cameras and digital video cameras. Popular formats include Secure Digital (SD), MicroSD, and CompactFlash (CF).
MicroSD Adapter Makes it easier to handle MicroSD cards from GoPro cameras and many Android phones
Optical Drive Reading all sizes of CDs and DVDs
Travel power strip Keep computers and devices charged while you work
Screen Cleaners One wipe can clean multiple laptops, monitors, tablets, and phones
Colored stickers Marking completed devices
You supply...
External Hard Drives Format one each for Mac and Windows
Extension Cord Reach far electrical outlets