Organizing family photos is a new experience for most people, so I’ve outlined my process below so you know what to expect. While every project is unique, I follow the same proven process with every client to streamline the experience.


Every project starts with a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation when you’ll tell me about your photos and goals. We will schedule a time for you to deliver or ship your photos and I will email you some questions about your family so I can learn more about you.


I'll email you guides that help you gather all your photos in one place, review your goals, and agree on next steps for your project. You will deliver or ship your photos with a down payment for the first phase of the project.

Step 3: Digitize and Organize

Most projects start with with either digitizing physical photos or organizing digital photos. I will email you regular status updates along the way and I might also contact you to verify some details about your photos. If the project takes longer than a month I will invoice you monthly and communicate clearly about progress and next steps.

Step 4: Deliver and Review

When your project is complete I deliver or ship your family photo archive and any original materials. We will review the work I’ve done for you and discuss possible next steps including maintenance plans, backups, and creating legacy art for your family. Payment for the remainder of the project is due at this time.