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We scan family photos, convert home movies, and organize digital photos into a Family Photo or Video Archive that’s safe, searchable, and shareable.

Museum-Grade Equipment・Archival Methods・Industry Standards

We use museum-grade equipment, archival methods, and industry standards to preserve your memories today and for generations to come.

We specialize in large archives, unusual formats, and special projects.

Every project is unique, but a typical Family Photo Archive project includes:
5,000-10,000 physical photos
(prints, negatives, slides, albums, scrapbooks, frames, etc.)
50-100 home movies
(video tapes, film reels, audio cassettes, and reels)
100,000+ digital photos
(computers, hard drives, memory cards, CDs, phones, cloud accounts, etc.)
We gather all your memories, scan your family photos, convert your home movies, and organize your digital photos into a chronological archive that’s safe, easy to search, and ready to share with family and friends. If any of your photos are damaged, torn, or faded we offer expert digital restoration. When your archive is complete we can also help you with beautiful photo books and impressive wall art. And because you’ll keep taking more pictures, we can also help you backup strategies and photo maintenance plans.

Your project will involve some or all of these services.

Our archival photo scanning services include:
high resolution capture,
and color correction.

video conversion to digital

We convert movies from about 30 different types of formats

film reel conversion to high resolution digital - Chaos to Memories services

We digitize all major formats of home movie film using a gentle, frame-by-frame digitization process using the best professional equipment.

audio conversion audio repair - Chaos to Memories services

These can include interviews, speeches, music, and special ceremonies that can be digitized and preserved for future generations. We convert cassette, microcassette, reel to reel, and vinyl records.

Digital Organization of Photos - Chaos to Memories - Our services

We’ve developed a unique process that works every time to organize everything by date, delete the duplicates and duds, and make everything safe and searchable.

Old Family Photo Digital Restoration - Chaos to Memories services

We start every restoration project with archival scanning so we’re working with the best possible source image. Then we use the latest digital restoration techniques to bring your photo memories back to life.

archival storage

We recommend keeping the originals in archival storage for safe keeping.

digital delivery

Whether we scan your photos, convert your home movies, or organize your digital photos, we deliver your project in a way that’s fast, reliable, and easy to use.

wall art

We are thrilled to offer professional wall art printing and photo book design and printing.

In-Person Project Assessment Options

Free Assessment

Bring your memories in to the studio at 122 North Hale Street in Wheaton, IL for a free, no obligation assessment and estimate.

In-Home Assessment

We will come to your home in the Chicagoland area to assess and provide an estimate for your project. The one-time cost for this is $150.

If you’re near Chicago and ready to get started, come visit our Wheaton Studio Monday – Friday, 10-5. Please bring your memories with you.

Contact us for more information, shipping instructions, and to get started on your project.