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With more than twenty-five years of experience in software training, Adam is a leading expert in the field of photo organizing, photo scanning, as well as film, video, and audio conversion. He’s developed a large library of knowledge that includes:

Whether you’re an experienced pro or tackling a DIY project, there’s something here for you!

Online Courses

Organizing Photos with Adobe Lightroom Classic with Adam Pratt
The Practical Guide to Camera Scanning with Adam Pratt
Easy Index Scanning Workflow with Adam Pratt and Laura Woolsey
Fixing Dates of Digital Photos and Videos with Adam Pratt
Digital Format Foundations with Adam Pratt
metadata foundations with Adam Pratt
Organizing Photos with Adobe Bridge with Adam Pratt
Seven Steps to Creative Problem Solving with Adam Pratt

Memories: A Visual Guide to Your Photos and Videos

Every photo project should start with gathering all your photo and video memories in one place. This gathering phase helps you grasp the scope of your project and consider what it will take to digitize and preserve your memories. To help you identify the different photo and video formats in your collection, I wrote Memories: A Visual Guide to Your Photos and Videos.

Memories: A Visual Guide to Your Photos and Videos - Tools for Learning
Memories: A Visual Guide to Your Photos and Videos - Tools for Learning
Memories: A Visual Guide to Your Photos and Videos

This 82-page visual guide to photo and video formats spans almost 200 years, including more than 60 actual-size reproductions that are old and new, common and obscure, analog and digital, tapes and reels, prints and negatives, wacky and wonderful. Interesting history and exact dimensions of every format make visual identification easy and instant.

There are two versions for you to choose from:

Visual Guide Poster Series

Visual Guide to Film Reels
Visual Guide to Tape Formats
Visual Guide to Film Negatives
Visual Guide to Memory Formats
Visual Guide to Digital Storage
Visual Guide to Photo Prints
Visual Guide to Photo Slides
Visual Guide to Print Sizes

Free Photo Management Workflow Guide

Photo Management Workflow Guide - Tools for Learning

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