Expert Courses for Photo Organizers

With 25 years of photo and training experience, Adam is an expert trainer who makes complicated workflows simple for serious photo organizers.

Organizing Photos with Lightroom Classic

Organizing Photos with Adobe Lightroom Classic with Adam Pratt

Learn a comprehensive photo organizing workflow with Adobe Lightroom Classic that’s based on open standards and industry best practices so that you can tackle any project. This repeatable workflow can be used in any situation: digital photos or scanned photos, JPEG or Camera Raw, Mac or Windows, iPhone or Android. You’ll be ready for anything!
Investment: $599

The Practical Guide to Camera Scanning

Learn to scan any photo format at high resolution, high quality, and high speed with off-the-shelf gear! If you want to preserve family photos, digitize your film archive, or offer a professional scanning service, then this course is for you! You’ll get 50+ lessons, 5+ hours of recorded training, and detailed workflow checklists.
Investment: $399

Easy Index Scanning Workflow

Easy Index Scanning Workflow with Adam Pratt and Laura Woolsey

Do you organize printed photos? Do you scan photos? Do you outsource photo scanning? Do you want to deliver projects that are chronologically organized and professionally presented? If you answered YES to any of these questions then this course is for you. This efficient scanning workflow will save you time and money!
Investment: $199

Fixing Dates of Digital Photos and Videos

Fixing Dates of Digital Photos and Videos with Adam Pratt

Photos and videos are, by their very definition, a capture of a moment in time, so organizing them chronologically is the best approach. Unfortunately, dates and times of digital files are often a mess and tedious to fix. If you’re ready to learn about the fundamentals of dates and times for digital photos and videos, and how to fix them in the most efficient way possible, then this course is for you.
Investment: $199

Digital Format Foundations

Digital Format Foundations with Adam Pratt

Do you wish you were more confident working with digital files? Are you overwhelmed by the options and tired of researching every new format? This course was created to give you clear and practical guidance on dozens of digital formats so you know what to keep, convert, or delete. You’ll learn about foundational topics including resolution (DPI vs PPI), compression, and best practices for digital preservation and conversion.
Investment: $199

Metadata Foundations

metadata foundations with Adam Pratt

Organizing photos so we can search, enjoy, and share them is an important project. There are lots of mobile apps, web sites, and computer software to manage your photos, but you want to do such a big project the right way the first time. Industry-standard metadata adds invisible tags to your photos that include important details such as dates, people, places, events, and more. These searchable tags aren’t limited to specific phones, apps, or platforms and are the best way to organize photos for decades and generations to come.
Investment: $99

Organizing Photos with Adobe Bridge

Organizing Photos with Adobe Bridge with Adam Pratt

Adobe Lightroom Classic is the best app for organizing large collections of photos and I use it on every project. Another option is Adobe Bridge which is free, cross-platform, and supports industry standards for metadata. This mini-course will introduce metadata concepts and get you started with Adobe Bridge.
Investment: $49

Seven Steps to Creative Problem Solving

Seven Steps to Creative Problem Solving with Adam Pratt

Creative problem solving is an essential skill for life and business, and it’s also a cornerstone of the work we do at Chaos to Memories. In this short course, I share my Seven Steps to Creative Problem Solving and a real world example of this process in action. Learn to embrace failure on your way to solving big problems!
Investment: FREE!

Complete Collection

Photo of laptop on black background

Students around the world rely on our courses and workflows to preserve and organize their visual memories. We offer the Complete Collection of all or online courses for one incredible price. Save 15% with the Complete Collection and get unlimited access to all eight of my expert photo organizing courses. If you’re just getting started this is an amazing offer to learn all my workflows, tackle your projects, and launch your business.

Investment: $1,499

Coming Soon!

Gathering Digital Photos and Videos

Gathering Digital Photos and Videos with Adam Pratt

COMING SOON! Learn the Chaos to Memories process for gathering digital photos and videos before you preserve and organize your memories. This thorough and efficient workflow will equip you to gather digital memories from computers and cameras, clouds and cards, discs and drives.

Gathering Physical Photos and Videos

Gathering Physical Photos and Videos with Adam Pratt

COMING SOON! Learn a consistent workflow for gathering all kinds of physical photo and video memories, identifying different formats in a collection, and handling and storing them safely. Learn about dozens of formats of photo prints, film negatives, photographic slides, video tapes, and film reels in this comprehensive course.

Estimating Photo Organizing Projects

Estimating Photo Organizing Projects with Adam Pratt

COMING SOON! Large photo organizing projects can be exciting, but they can also be full of unwelcome surprises that can affect the scope and price of the project. In this course I’ll share my expert tips for estimating large photo organizing projects and the process we use for client projects every day in our busy studio. Are you ready to tackle big projects with confidence?

Managing Photo Organizing Projects

COMING SOON! Photo organizing projects can be complex and full of surprises, so good project management is essential to delighting clients, delivering great projects, and running a profitable business. Learn how to create a great client experience, manage complex projects, and keep track of it all in this course. Learn the best practices we use every day to manage photo organizing projects with confidence and clarity.

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