Video Conversion

Families have been capturing home movies for decades, but they include many different formats that are decaying, hard to view, and difficult to share. Our video conversion services allow us to convert home movies from more than a dozen common formats including:

  • VHS/VHS-C,
  • Video8,
  • Hi8,
  • Digital8, and
  • The tiny MiniDV tapes from the early 2000s.

We also convert less popular formats including:

  • Betamax,
  • Betacam, and
  • Umatic

You can enjoy and share your memories again on your TV, your phone, and even YouTube.

video conversion
DVD and Video conversion to digital
video conversion to digital

If you want the details, here’s the full list of video formats we convert.

What formats do you convert?

We support dozens of video and audio formats, including common home movie formats such as VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, MiniDV, and BetaMax. Here’s our full list of supported video tape formats.

Do I need to bring in my VCR or video camera?

No, we use all our own equipment so all you need to bring or ship to our studio is your video tapes.

What digital file format do you deliver?

Our standard delivery format is an MP4 file with high-quality H.264 compression, which is the same format behind global video services like YouTube and Netflix. This means your converted videos are easy to watch, share, and edit. If you need a different digital format just let us know and we can discuss the details of your project.

How do you deliver the digital files?

We deliver smaller projects on a USB thumb drive and larger projects on an external USB hard drive. We can also provide multiple drives if you need more for gifts or backups.

Can you convert my home movies to DVD?

We don’t convert home movies to DVD because it’s not a good format for long term archives, editing, or sharing. We deliver all projects on a USB thumb drive or external USB hard drive which are much faster, safer, and more reliable.

My VCR ate my tape! Can you repair it?

Yes, for an extra service fee we can repair home movie tapes that are torn, broken, crinkled, or otherwise damaged.

My tape looks moldy! Can you clean it?

Yes, for an extra service fee we can clean your moldy tape and convert it at the best possibly quality.

Can you just convert just a part of a tape at a lower price?

We only convert whole tapes because paying our staff to watch and capture only select parts of a tape would actually be more expensive. Converting the entire tape is the most economical option so that’s what we offer all of our clients.

Is the price lower if my tape is really short?

Our price is the same for any length of tape because whether the tape is short or long we have to do the same amount of work. We don’t charge extra for long tape, and don’t charge less for a short tape.

Am I charged to convert a blank tape?

We treat our clients how we would want to be treated, so if a tape is blank there’s no charge.

What if my tape is a commercial recording?

If we discover that a tape is a commercial recording (major motion picture, TV show, professional sports broadcast) we won’t convert the tape and there’s no charge. We don’t want to violate the publisher’s copyright by converting a commercial recording, but if it’s important to you a high quality version can probably be purchased  online for a low price.

How are the converted files named and organized?

Using clues we find on the tapes, boxes, and video footage we rename converted videos with the date and subject so you can enjoy a video archive that’s chronological and searchable. For example, if you have a video tape from Christmas 1987 that file would be named 1987-12-25_Christmas.mp4. These important extra details are included inn our standard conversion service and there’s no extra cost.

How can I watch my converted home movies?

Because we deliver your converted home movies in the MP4 digital video format, you can watch your converted videos on your computer, smart phone, tablet, and most smart TVs.

How can I share my converted home movies?

We deliver your converted home movies in the MP4 digital video format because it’s a universal file format and offers relatively small files sizes. This makes it easy to share your home movies on a USB thumb drive or with online file sharing services. We also offer an optional YouTube service where we upload all your converted movies to an unlisted playlist that’s easy to share with family but won’t be found by strangers.

Can I edit my home movies after they've been converted?

Because we deliver high-quality digital video files, you can edit your home movies with most video editing software apps on Mac or Windows computers. Apple iMove and Windows Video Editor are free and easy to use options that come pre-installed on your computer.

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