Chaos to Memories Workflow

Most people feel overwhelmed by the thought of organizing and preserving their family photos. We’ve all been accumulating photos for decades and at a faster rate than ever, so it’s no wonder our photos have become a burden instead of a joy. We help our clients complete this important project using a five-step workflow we’ve developed over the last 20+ years.

The five phases work every time on every project.

The Five Phases Workflow

1 ∙ Gather

Every family photo project starts with gathering because we can estimate the scope of the project, save time, and minimize redundant work. For example, if there are negatives and prints of the same photo we only need to scan it once if we gather everything up front.

2 ∙ Preserve

Preservation is the second step in the process and varies based on the kinds of photos you have:

Physical Photos: Prints, negatives, and slides are scanned according to archival standards.

Home Movies: Film reels and video tapes are converted to digital video in the MP4 format, the same technology behind YouTube and Netflix.

Digital: Digital photos are extracted from old media and converted to industry-standard file formats.

Backups: Your digital Family Photo Archive is stored in a central archive and backed up regularly using the industry-standard 3-2-1 system (three copies, two different media, one offsite copy).

3 ∙ Organize

Gathering and preserving photos are important steps, but if you can’t find your photos the project is incomplete. We start this phase by organizing all your images chronologically, then deleting all the duplicates and duds. In addition to dates, we also tag photos by people, places, and events so you can instantly find your favorite photos instead of browsing for hours through thousands of images.

4 ∙ Share

When your Family Photo Archive is complete, it’s time to enjoy your photos again. We deliver your photos on a drive and upload them to a secure online service. This allows you to search, share, and enjoy your Family Photo Archive from any computer, smartphone, tablet, or web browser. But the best ways to enjoy your photos again are professionally mounted prints, premium canvas, and timeless photo books that we design for you.

5 ∙ Maintain

Photo organization is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process. As long as you keep taking photos, you need to keep organizing. We offer maintenance plans to keep your Family Photo Archive up to date.

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