1:1 Consulting

In addition to courses, books, and conferences, Adam also offers 1:1 professional consulting to archivists, organizations, and photo managers. These custom engagements can be in person or remote via web conference or phone. Adam works with consulting clients around the world and common topics include:

  • Camera Scanning
  • Metadata Strategies
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Client Experience

If you’re interested in professional consulting with Adam, please contact us with more details about your needs.


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We also offer a number of online courses that might interest you.
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Chaos to Memories Online Courses

Here’s what others are saying about consulting with Adam

“In consulting with Adam, I not only solved a very frustrating problem I was having with a project, but also learned several great tips to improve my workflow and efficiency. Adam took the time to understand what was going on, and was able to clearly explain what he thought was causing the problem (he was right!). He gave me thoughtful and reasonable solutions, and even followed up to see if the issue was ultimately resolved. I just wish I’d called him sooner!” – CF

“I’m crazy happy about what I’m learning from you! Many Thanks.” – LD

“Before consulting with Adam, I had a bunch of loose ends on a mega sized project that I could not see how I would tie up. I had all sorts of knowledge thanks to the breadth of information The Photo Managers has available, but I was struggling with being efficient at applying that knowledge. Efficiency is a top priority for me, since we have 5 young kids and I only work our business part-time.

Adam was efficient before we even had our first call, making sure I provided a list of questions beforehand, so he could prepare for the call. He’s a great listener and stays focused on addressing all my questions. After the call, Adam provides a call summary on his invoice and is great at following up to see how things are going. Just being part of his customer service process was a learning experience. 

I feel a lot more relaxed, confident, and in control of this mega project after consulting with Adam. It’s like I was walking around with a handheld flashlight and now the floodlights have been turned on. Everything is clearer, and I’m no longer fearful of adding another client to my current workload.” – FM

“I cannot thank you enough for the session yesterday!  You have such a great grasp of the issues and workflow and believe we accomplished a lot.” – SN

If you’re near Chicago and ready to get started, come visit our Wheaton Studio Monday – Friday, 10-5. Please bring your memories with you.

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