square photo books have generous two-page spreads

Square Photo Books

Most photo books are rectangular, but with decades of experience in photography and design, the photo books we design for our clients are always square. We take this unconventional approach for a few thoughtful reasons:

1. Even though the books are square, each two-page spread is rectangular. This gives us a generous and flexible canvas where we design beautiful pages of your memories.

2. Square photo books give our clients flexibility in their final print size. For example, if we design a 10×10 book and the client loves it so much they want it bigger then we can bump up to 12×12 or even 14×14 without any redesign. But if you design an 8×10 book and want to bump up the size, you’ll have to redesign the book because the aspect ratio will probably be different.

3. Our clients often want multiple copies of their photo books for their family members, wedding party, and friends, but maybe at a lower price. Square photo books are also easy to scale down without any re-work. For example, we might design a 10×10 wedding album for the bride and groom, but deliver 8×8 albums for parents or grandparents.

There are many sizes and aspect ratios to choose from, but simplicity and flexibility are why we design square books.

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